Debbie Howard’s Gym

I thought I’d blog about one of our favorite places to go burn off energy and meet up with friends here in Olathe.  Debbie Howards Gym is a little north of Santa Fe off of Mur-Len, so really only 5 minutes from our house.  Deb offers classes, birthday parties, and Friday morning (sometimes Saturday) open gym.  Open gym is only $5 per kid over the age of one and there are two age ranges, 1-6 and 7-12, so you don’t have to worry about the big kids trampling the little ones.


What we love about Debbie Howards Gym:  It is huge, so the kids have lots of room to run around and explore without being on top of each other.  There are so many things to do: bouncy castle, climbing structure, balance beams, trampolines, the foam pit, and lots and lots of ride on toys like cars, wagons, and one of Gretchen’s favorites: a big yellow fish.


Other things to know about Deb Howards:

Debbie is really fun and energetic.  She clearly loves kids and is passionate about what she does.

She also offers open gym sessions for children with special needs.

If you have a birthday party here you get the entire gym and party room to yourself, and all of the equipment is open to you to use.  We’ve been to 2 birthday parties here this year and they were both fantastic.

Debbie REALLY likes frogs.   Gretchen calls this place “the frog gym.”

She only takes cash/check, so make sure you bring more than just your credit card!