Cora’s Nursery

I started this post before the baby arrived but lost steam and then she arrived and well, we’ve been busy ūüėČ ¬†I didn’t really pick a theme for the room other than colors. ¬†I knew I wanted light pink walls, to incorporate some gold and teal, and make sure the grey glider from our first nursery didn’t seem out of place. ¬†The colors in the curtains ending up being my jumping off point. The room is a bit smaller than Gretchen’s room, and the closet is about a foot smaller. ¬†We again chose to take the doors off the closet, paint it, install new shelving, and use it as our changing area.

Our photographer Darbi G captured some beautiful images of the space that more accurately capture the colors in the room, so I will share those first, followed by my own iphone 5 pictures, which are not as impressive!






Bedding: sheets from Target, crib skirt from Buy Buy Baby

Wall art: prints and wooden hello art from Hobby Lobby (elephant, hello, alphabet , string art from Kim’s Heart Strings¬†(she is local to KC to I messaged her directly on Facebook and picked up my order to avoid shipping charges.)

Crib: Jenny Lind Liberty 3 in 1 from Franklin and Ben

Chair: Best Chairs Quinn

Ottomon: Oh Joy for Target

Lamp: Target

Light fixture: Overstock

Storage Cubes: Target (gold dot no longer available)

Throw pillow: Target

Storage bins: Target (striped and woven)

Bookcase: IKEA Kallax

Curtains: Target 

Fabric banner: DIY’d (tons of tutorials on Pinterest) and bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Pug loaves: Etsy shop Cornstarch

Paint color: Behr youth blush (I do not recommend their paint anymore, the formula was changed and the paint and primer in 1 no longer covers well.  We did 2 coats but really should have done 3, whereas their paint and primer plus formula used to cover in 1 coat.)



a few updates

I am 30 weeks pregnant as of today. ¬†75%ish done. ¬†Holy crap, how did that happen? ¬†I have been having some hormonal freak outs recently, mostly related to having to raise an actual baby, the childbirth stuff isn’t bothering me just yet. ¬†It doesn’t help that my current “baby” refuses to snuggle me now that he has figured out change is definitely on the horizon.

well I take that back, he did hug my belly when we were down in the basement during a tornado warning recently, but that was probably just a moment of weakness. ¬†I keep telling him that someday Gretchen will be his buddy and drop all kinds of food on the floor for him but he will have to see it to believe it. ¬†In his defense, his current sister is a total bully so I’m not surprised he is wary of adding another girl to the household ūüėČ

I am feeling pretty good. ¬†A bit more uncomfortable now than I was in the 2nd trimester. ¬†Energy is waning some but I blame the heat. ¬†We went on our “babymoon” to Colorado last week/weekend and had a great time. ¬†Loved the cool mountain air!

Our nursery to-do list shrunk a bit more in the last month! ¬† Can’t wait to put things in the closet and get it all organized to my liking!

paint walls
paint trim white
remove closet doors, paint inside of closet
-install closet system to maximize storage space (will do this in June)
-refinish dresser/changer  still need to add clear coat and new knobs.
-make wall art, hang gallery wall
-hang floating shelves
decide on fabrics, send off to seamstress that is making our crib skirt and curtains
install new light fixture
put together furniture
install new blinds 

Some new pics:

floating shelves, need to add some stuff to them.  I love my new puffin classics!  Such pretty books!

gallery wall, half DIY art projects, half purchased prints.

I will try to blog again soon.  Want to write some about our birth plans, post pics of our cloth diaper stash, and of course final pics of the nursery once everything is done!

nursery progress

April is over and we put a nice dent in our to-do list for the nursery.

paint walls
paint trim white
remove closet doors, paint inside of closet
-install closet system to maximize storage space (will do this in June)
-refinish dresser/changer (current project)
-make wall art, hang gallery wall (almost done with art, should hang soon)
decide on fabrics, send off to seamstress that is making our crib skirt and curtains (waiting on grommets to arrive)
install new light fixture
put together furniture
install new blinds 

Here are some pictures I took yesterday, so exciting to see it all coming together.

my pink closet! ¬†love it so much. ¬†It will not be so in your face once the closet system and dresser are in there. ¬†The white trim is such an improvement over the scratched up 1970s brown trim. ¬†Painting it was not fun, but I’m so glad we did it.

Our Jenny Lind crib, it is beautiful!  One spindle was broken upon arrival but they shipped out a replacement in less than a week.

The other side of the room, can’t wait to fill the shelf up with books.

view from the door. ¬†I love the chair so much, it is beyond comfortable, and the pink pouf is perfect place for resting your feet. ¬†We’ve decided to do curtains in the same fabric as the crib skirt (you can see it hanging there on the crib) to really amp up the color in the room.

more pics to come as things progress!

yard reno 2011

Our backyard has long been an eyesore. ¬†Like many other things in our house, the previous owner (owners probably) neglected to maintain the yard and it ended up completely overrun with weeds. ¬†You name it, we had it back there: clover, thistles, wild strawberries, some other kind of clover, crabgrass, and of course dandelions. There was a small amount of real grass but it was in random patches around the yard, the rest was long ago choked out by weeds. ¬†After 2 summers of attempting to mow the weeds as they grew more and more out of control we’d had enough. ¬†Due to drainage issues and the sheer enormity of the problem, we knew we had to do something drastic.

We had a few landscaping companies come out and give us quotes for overhauling the backyard and putting down sod.  The project was just more than we were willing to DIY.  Our biggest concern was removing all the weeds without using Round Up or other harmful chemicals.  The company we ended up choosing was able to do it without any chemicals, by using a sod cutter to cut out the existing yard.  Basically it shaved off the top few inches of our yard.  They were then able to rake it into piles and haul it out.

They used a rake to get the weeds/grass closest to the fence.

They ran out of sod today so will be back Monday to finish up the last corner of the yard, but they did enough for me to show the dramatic before and afters ūüôā

Before (about a month ago, weeds were much taller by now!)


I love it! ¬†I think it will take some getting used to ūüôā ¬†The pugs are quite perplexed. ¬†They seem lost when we take them out back now and feel the need to re-mark all of their favorite spots. ¬†Now we just have to water water water and take good care of it while it gets established. ¬†We do need to do some more research on how to maintain our yard without using harsh chemicals. ¬†This book has been helpful so far.

sneak peek

Here are a couple of photos of the bedroom. ¬†2 walls painted, 2 to go! ¬†I found some new bedding yesterday and picked up the ladder shelf at Target. ¬†New ceiling light came in the mail this week too. ¬†Can’t wait to have it all done! ¬†Maybe next weekend ūüôā

I loooooooove the headboard. ¬†It may be my favorite inanimate object in our entire house ūüôā

Chubbs also gives it his stamp of approval


House Goals for 2011

2011 House Resolutions/Goals
Finish painting family room ceiling
Touch-up trim in the half bath
Fix leaky pedestal sink
Paint furniture:  buffet, nightstand, dresser
Re-paint master bedroom and ceiling
Paint master bathroom
Replace/repair ceiling fan in master bedroom
Paint vanity in guest bath and replace countertop/sink/faucet
Paint basement, including the trim
Spray paint brass fireplace cover
Stain our privacy fence
Re-seed front yard again
Tear up and start grass in backyard from scratch. 
Clean up bed on side of the house and plant flowers/ornamental grasses
Install new storm door
organize organize organize!  Most of the closets in my house need a total overhaul
some “maybes”
replace interior doors
paint trim white (surely the largest single project we will undertake in homeownership thus far, ugh)
replace vanity in master bath and tile the floor
paint the interior of our bedroom closets
get a new roof

A busy 2010

We’ve been busy this year!¬† I decided to look back on the year and make a list of all the projects we completed.¬† Our list for next year is LONG and I will share it soon, but for now it’s nice to reflect on what is already done ūüôā¬†

remodeled our half bath

spiffed up our wall cabinet

painted our shed

organized our linen closet

organized the drawers in my bathrooms

accessorized our built-ins

finished painting the exterior of our house!!! (14 months after we started!)


planted a redbud tree after we removed the stump from our old crab apple tree

replaced old railroad ties with a rock retaining wall

under the close supervision of the pugs, we built our SFGs

then we assembled the Mel’s Mix and planted our first SFG

painted and then hung our hang a pots