Cora: 12 months old


stats: weight 23lbs 11oz (86th %), height 30.5 in (89th %), head circumference 19+ in (>99th %)

size: 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers

sleep: Two good naps a day (90 min-2 hours each).  She does not sleep through the night very often any more.  Usually up at least once and wants a bottle.


eating: She eats EVERYTHING.  This baby loves food, especially beans and blueberries.

likes: her sister, pulling out all of her toys and making a big mess, baby music class, books, cake, rocking and bonking her head on things.

dislikes: being on the changing table (really any time she has to be still she gets mad), waiting for food, watching other people eat food she is not able to eat herself.

firsts: pulling up and cruising, first word (uh-oh quickly followed by mama, hi, and dada).

Cora: 10 months old


stats: none

size: They are getting tight but waiting til the weather gets cooler to move her into size 18 month clothes.  Moved her up to size 4 diapers.

sleep: Cora is consistently down to only 2 naps a day now.  She dropped the evening nap and just takes along morning and long afternoon one now.  She consistently sleeps all night.


eating: This girl likes to eat and eat and eat and eat.  Her preference is to feed herself and we give her little pieces of all kinds of foods. The only thing she rejects are peas.  She likes pouches and will suck them down directly from the pouch, something Gretchen didn’t do til she was much older.  She can drink from a straw sippy cup but spits out most of the water.

likes: Crawling all over the place and exploring. Putting everything in her mouth.  Being with her daddy if he is home.  Eating, especially black beans.

dislikes: Being confined to the carseat or stroller when we are out. Hates when the instant pot releases steam.  Not a big fan of sister hugs these days.

firsts: started crawling!

Cora: 9 months old


stats: 21 lbs 4oz (87th %), 29in (86th %) and head circumference is 18.5in (>98th %)

size: Still fits 12mo clothing and size 3 diapers, but probably not for much longer!

sleep: Cora typically takes 3 naps a day- morning, afternoon, and early evening.  Sometimes it’s only 2 naps, sometimes it is 4!  She is still a great sleeper.  She just wants you to put her in her crib and turn on her sound machine and she’ll go to sleep after a bit.  Usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night and rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. Doesn’t nap very well in the car or on the go any more.  She will take great naps in the Ergo if her daddy is wearing her!


eating: Cora got her 8th incisor and loves to chomp on real food! She’s a big fan of puffs and other little baby foods like mum mums.

likes: feeding herself, getting into the dog’s dishes, spilling her dad’s drinks at restaurants, Sandra Boynton stories, rolling around on the floor and playing with her toys, mum mum crackers.

dislikes: bottles, being stuck in the car for long periods of time, when her sister spills the drum of instruments with a loud crash, being rocked/snuggled at bedtime.

milestones:  First trip to the ocean!

Cora: 8 months old


Stats: Nothing official

Size: Moved up to 12 month sized clothing.  Size 3 diapers.

Sleep: Cora continues to be a great sleeper.  She usually sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 big naps during the day and one small one.  She really prefers to be at home and nap in her crib rather than in the car when we are on the go.


Eating: Cora has 7 teeth now!  She really has not been interested in feeding herself although recently I got her one of those silicone feeders and put frozen fruit in there and she loves to chew on it.  She loves all the different fruits and veggies we’ve offered her except for peas.  If we mix apples or bananas with the peas she’ll eat them up. She takes about 35-40oz of formula a day.

Likes: Sitting and playing with her toys, rolling everywhere, her daddy, listening to stories (Tyler claims Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton is her favorite), Sophie the Giraffe toy, watching big kids play, being outside.

Dislikes: Her daddy leaving the room, having to nap on the go, pureed peas, teething, big sister taking her toys from her.

Firsts: Sitting unassisted

Cora: 7 months old


Stats: Nothing official, but I weighed her when we were in the doctor’s office recently and she was right around 20lbs.

Size: 9 months.  Moved up to size 3 diapers this month.

Sleep:  Cora continues to sleep so well, we are very lucky!  She goes down around 8pm and sleeps until 8:30 or 9 in the morning.  She’s usually awake for about 90 minutes during the day before she wants to go down for a nap.  She gets a long one in the morning, a short one early in the afternoon, and another long one in the afternoon.  We try to keep her up between her late afternoon nap and bedtime but sometimes she takes a quick catnap while we eat dinner. She doesn’t nap as well in the car as she used to.


Eating: Cora likes a big bottle first thing in the morning (9oz) and then 6oz bottles every few hours throughout the day.  We offer her solids at dinner if she’s awake.  Her favorites are carrots, bananas, apples, and pears.  We’ve offered things like banana and avocado and she has not figured out how to feed herself yet.  Her sister was the same. Baby led weaning did not interest her either.

Likes: Carrots, her owl rattle toy, reading books with her daddy, grabbing her sister’s hair, Boopers, blowing raspberries, flapping her arms when she’s excited, sitting up in her boppy and playing with toys, cold teethers, baby pushups (trying to figure out how to crawl).

Dislikes: TEETHING, people that aren’t her immediate family trying to hold her, pureed peas.

Firsts: Sitting in the shopping cart, sitting in her high chair.

Cora: 6 months old


Stats: 19lbs (90th %), 27.5 in (92nd %), head circumference 18 in (>98th %)

Size: Had to move her up to 9 month size clothing (6-12 in other brands). Still in size 2 diapers but as soon as this box runs out I’m moving her to size 3.

Sleep: We ditched the swaddle and the bouncer, swing, and rock n play over the last few weeks.  She now takes all naps and sleeps overnight in her crib in a sleep sack. The transitions were no big deal at all. We close the curtains, turn on white noise, and she sucks her thumb and falls asleep quickly.  Most naps are at least an hour, sometimes 90 min-2 hours.  She still sleeps through the night most nights.  8pm-ish to 8am- ish since daylight savings time.  Gretchen often wakes up before her sister! She is usually awake for about 90 minutes between naps, sometimes a long stretch of awake time between 5-8. I don’t track them well but I think she takes 2 long naps and 2 short naps a day.


Eating: We moved to big bottles and she takes 6-8 oz per feeding now.  We offered her solid food for the first time, some sweet potato puree we had. She is curious about it but pushes most of it out with her tongue, swallowing very little.  She has also tried mashed banana and applesauce with the same result.  We’ll keep trying!

Likes: Sucking her thumb, sitting while we support her and playing with toys, rolling all over the place, playing in her activity center, blowing raspberries (especially at church!), toys that crinkle and make noise, chewing on things/drooling.

Dislikes: When she’s rolling and gets stuck somewhere.

Firsts: Solid food (sweet potato puree), first tooth (bottom incisor)

Cora: 5 months old


Stats: Nothing official

Size: Size 6month clothes, I think we’ll be in 9 month soon so I have that stuff washed and ready to go!

Sleep: Continues to sleep through the night most of the time.  She has started to consolidate her morning naps and feedings a few times a week.  She’ll take a short one and a long one in the morning instead of 3 short ones. She naps in the swing when we are at home. I have stopped swaddling her for naps as she seems to fall asleep faster and sleep longer if she can suck on her thumb. Still swaddling with the miracle blanket and putting her in the rock in play at night.  May move her to her own room at 6 months.

Eating: I think we are ready to move up to bigger bottles.  She drains 5 oz bottles (which we typically fill to the top so they are closer to 5.5/6oz in reality.  We are waiting til 6 months to start solids.


Likes: Playing with her feet, rolling around on the floor now that she’s mastered rolling both ways, laughing at her sister, kicking, blowing raspberries, getting her diaper changed, sucking on her thumb, spinny toy on her activity center, feeling different textures, “If you’re happy and you know it.”

Dislikes: Being stuck in the car at preschool pickup, getting stuck on her tummy, when her sister is too loud or too rough with her, not being able to find her thumb.

Firsts: Blowing raspberries, rolling back to front, bath with her big sister.