Cora: 9 months old


stats: 21 lbs 4oz (87th %), 29in (86th %) and head circumference is 18.5in (>98th %)

size: Still fits 12mo clothing and size 3 diapers, but probably not for much longer!

sleep: Cora typically takes 3 naps a day- morning, afternoon, and early evening.  Sometimes it’s only 2 naps, sometimes it is 4!  She is still a great sleeper.  She just wants you to put her in her crib and turn on her sound machine and she’ll go to sleep after a bit.  Usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night and rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. Doesn’t nap very well in the car or on the go any more.  She will take great naps in the Ergo if her daddy is wearing her!


eating: Cora got her 8th incisor and loves to chomp on real food! She’s a big fan of puffs and other little baby foods like mum mums.

likes: feeding herself, getting into the dog’s dishes, spilling her dad’s drinks at restaurants, Sandra Boynton stories, rolling around on the floor and playing with her toys, mum mum crackers.

dislikes: bottles, being stuck in the car for long periods of time, when her sister spills the drum of instruments with a loud crash, being rocked/snuggled at bedtime.

milestones:  First trip to the ocean!


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