Toby settles in

Toby is not so sure about this whole house thing.  He misses his old couch (little does he know it is in the garage!), he misses his favorite sunny spots, and he misses some of his favorite toys that I threw out when we moved (such as plastic bottles he’s chewed on and off for months now).  He appears to have lost his appetite, as his food just sits in the bowl all day and he only picks at it.  He does seem to like our new chairs, although they make it difficult to snuggle, as I can only have either the laptop or the pug in my lap at one time.


My turn mama!  Tell Mr. Laptop it’s my turn to snuggle!


Fine, if you don’t want to give up your lap than I shall just snuggle Daddyface and show you what you’re missing.


but there isn’t much time for snuggling, the crazy kids in the cul de sac need to be watched, I don’t trust them!


and I need to break in this new carpet and find the best spots for snoozin.


3 thoughts on “Toby settles in

  1. I love Toby’s face in the first picture. Alec makes the same expression sometimes when he really wants something. Love those pugs…

  2. Sooo i have lots of free time now… maybe we can work out a day I can come help you around the house. Maybe next week?

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