Cora: 12 months old


stats: weight 23lbs 11oz (86th %), height 30.5 in (89th %), head circumference 19+ in (>99th %)

size: 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers

sleep: Two good naps a day (90 min-2 hours each).  She does not sleep through the night very often any more.  Usually up at least once and wants a bottle.


eating: She eats EVERYTHING.  This baby loves food, especially beans and blueberries.

likes: her sister, pulling out all of her toys and making a big mess, baby music class, books, cake, rocking and bonking her head on things.

dislikes: being on the changing table (really any time she has to be still she gets mad), waiting for food, watching other people eat food she is not able to eat herself.

firsts: pulling up and cruising, first word (uh-oh quickly followed by mama, hi, and dada).


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