Cora: 11 months old


stats: nothing official

size: still squeezing her into 12 month clothes until the seasons change! Size 4 diapers.

sleep: two good naps a day, only sleeps through the night about half the time.  If she wakes up at night it’s just to take a bottle and then she goes right back to sleep.


eating: This girl can eat.  She will eat pretty much anything and if she sees us eating and she doesn’t have food she gets mad.  She can slurp down a pouch all by herself. Usually has 4-5 bottles a day. She has figured out how to drink water from her straw cup and doesn’t just spit the water out any more.

likes: clapping, baby music class, eating, putting everything in her mouth, crawling all over the places and getting out ALL of her toys

dislikes: eggs, snuggles, when her sister puts her toys out of her reach because “she’s not playing with them right.”

firsts: clapping


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